Interactive Video’s: The Next Wave of Advertisments


In today’s world, it is hard to capture the consumer’s attention. News, games, books, and work are all accessible by a few quick swipes on our phone. We scroll, scroll, scroll unaware of what is passing by, just looking for something to catch of eye enough for a possible view.

Most of us find that video’s are worth watching, especially over text and articles. Marketers are using video more as it is enjoyed and preferred by the consumers; with the added addition that video’s are more memorable than text. Nowadays though regular videos are becoming outdated.

The next wave is interactive videos that make the consumer become part of the experience. Musicians are releasing videos that allow you to become apart of the video itself; companies make interactive ads that allow you to cut down on the overall ad duration.

Why the sudden change? Well, it’s essentially a win-win for both consumer and company. Interactive videos are even more memorable, because know you are actually doing something during the video, consciously making decisions. Companies can view click rates to see what options the consumers are viewing more and consumers can get personalized impactful messages from companies they care about.

Be prepared for more of these video’s to be coming your way. But also be on the lookout for the next form of video to come along any day now.



2 thoughts on “Interactive Video’s: The Next Wave of Advertisments

  1. I believe so that soon enough interactive video would become the new trend. Why? Interactive videos simply ‘makes it more personal’. Audience that sees the video would feel as if the video is personally directed towards them, and they somewhat ‘involved’ in the campaign. Customers love the sense of being the part of that particular business.


  2. I’ve been noticing how much social media is changing to adapt to video as well. I feel that videos may not have become as captivating on Facebook, for example, had the website not updated to have the videos play automatically as you scroll down. Video is also making news coverage so much easier to obtain as we watch 1 to 2 minute long videos that summarize a situation in the world. Interactive videos, especially have been grasping consumers. I know it is an overused example, but the old-spice YouTube response videos to people’s personalized requests shows just how effective video interaction can be. I also agree that interactive videos feel more personal and engaging so consumers are bound to remember the content for much longer than just a simple image.


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