Grow your Small Business through LinkedIn


LinkedIn may have the reputation of solely being a platform where individuals can connect with one another in the hopes of finding a job. While that may be partially true, which is awesome for those individuals without a job a few mere weeks away from graduation. LinkedIn has the potential to be so much more, especially for small businesses and startups.

As LinkedIn is the ultimate professional search engine with over 433 million members, Small businesses have a unique opportunity to reach potential partners and customers. Here are a few ways LinkedIn will help your small business.

Grow your Network

LinkedIn has a sole purpose of connecting people for business related reasons, making it an easy way to reach out and grow your brand in a streamlined manner. People are looking for jobs, and the ones you have yet to fill may be perfect. Other small businesses are looking to partner with another company to outsource their materials. Throw out ideas that your business has and see what type of feedback you receive and use it as a learning opportunity or as a fake product launch. There are many ways to do it, but the most important thing to do is just simply grow your network and brand.

What’s the Next Big Thing

LinkedIn has a Skills & Expertise search function that allows business owners to stay up to date on the latest things happening in specific markets. This search engine allows you to find out relevant information in certain niche areas. What the specific demographic trends are and where the most growth is occurring. Allowing you to make the necessary changes in order to stay relevant with the market. You never want to be the last one invited to the party.

Benefits of Ad Space

There are few options to place ads for your company on LinkedIn. But don’t use this to post the boring ads that get ignored. Use it as an opportunity to connect with your followers and thank them for their support. Through these ad spaces you can offer special deals that are only for those who are connected with you. Make them feel special and grow their commitment to another level.


2 thoughts on “Grow your Small Business through LinkedIn

  1. Thanks for sharing! I utilize LinkedIn however one of my frustrations towards the platform is that it limits interaction, I feel like most of the time you connect with people but never actually “connect” in conversation or at all. Secondly I wanted to ask whether or not you have tried the new LinkedIn students app? I was definitely disappointed in that app as well. To me it failed in adding any additional benefits that LinkedIn doesn’t do already.


  2. I think this is a very well thought out post on the benefits of LinkedIn for businesses, as opposed to for individual use. However, I think that some still see LinkedIn as a “stuffy” form of connecting online, since it is known for being for professional use. I think LinkedIn still needs to develop their business side further. They could even encourage more employees within a business to connect on LinkedIn to further promote their business. That being said, your ideas are a great point and many small business could benefit from the connections that the site provides.


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