Should your Company Utilize Social Media or Digital Marketing

avantedgemarketing.com_With social media growing every single day, more and more companies are using social media to get their message across to their target audience. The question is whether or not they should use social media over digital marketing.

Before deciding which format to use, here are some of the differences between the two.

Digital marketing is the use of any available digital channel to help promote your brand or your product you are trying to sell. Some of the main channels that are used are through internet and non-internet marketing forms. This will include web, SEO, online banner advertising to the use of television, radio, and billboards.

Social media on the other hand is often described as the use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a way to bring people together. It has some advantages such as being a easy and fast way to spread information to your customers and also a simple way of interacting and finding out exactly what they want.

Those who are in charge of marketing need to realize that one is not better than the other. That in fact, social media is a major component of digital marketing. For the majority of platforms besides for Facebook Lite, most are bounded by the need to have internet. While digital marketing is able to reach people, even if they are offline.

Finding the balance between the two and knowing how to best utilize each, is crucial for the success of a business. Social media is rapidly changing, but it will always be a constant in being able to connect with customers, but until more changes are made, digital will be needed as a way of promoting in an offline environment.


2 thoughts on “Should your Company Utilize Social Media or Digital Marketing

  1. Thank you for sharing! I agree that it is essential that every marketers need to understand that social media is a big part of digital marketing. I believe that both have a slightly different purpose in targeting their target market, for example, social media is filled with younger audience; it is the best move to promote products that are appealing to that certain group of people. However, by promoting both social media and digital marketing, it will definitely the right call.

    -Team StemPaths


  2. This was a very interesting post. I think that many companies these days are becoming so focused on all social media that they forget the bigger aspects of successful digital marketing. I believe that they do need to focus on creating strong digital marketing before they can move on to social media. Good thoughts!


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