Taking You to New Heights and Destinations


Social media and its various platforms continue to provide its users with new experiences. Allowing individuals to live through others, through various tweets and videos.  Social media is becoming a new avenue for traveling and vacation ideas.

Individuals and company’s both have the opportunity to use these platforms to either share their vacations or show potential customers a dream trip. Brands can also influence potential customers as they research their potential vacations. Humorous posts nudging readers toward taking vacations, posting breathtaking images, interacting with consumers who reach out, and creating brand advocates are all great ways to engage users and potentially push them toward your brand.

Individuals now have the ability to share unique trips and give viewers an inside look to trips that most individuals will never get the opportunity to take. Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards are a perfect example, as they plan on climbing Everest without any bottled oxygen, while documenting the entire thing on Snapchat.

Anyone with a Snapchat can follow them through their account @EverestNoFilter and see regular updates of what it takes to climb the world’s largest mountain. Their stories consist of everything from the substantial amount of snow falling on them to the PopTarts they are eating as a snack. Allowing many enthusiasts with real time updates of the struggles and tribulations of the hike.

With this easily accessible technology everyone will be able to see and share their trips with the world. If you have an itch for traveling look to these social media platforms to help best plan your next trip.




2 thoughts on “Taking You to New Heights and Destinations

  1. I find it so interesting that social media has become such a huge part of our lives that people on dangerous climbing trips still feel the need to use it. While it is fun to see bits and pieces of what the experience is like, I wonder if constant connection could hinder the climb? Do we really need to share everything we are doing? At what point does it prevent us from really experiencing what it is that we are doing?


  2. Travel content is a huge opportunity to provide viewers with valuable information and experiences. I agree that there are many ways to incorporate travel and vacation into social media. Especially for Cave B, it is an opportunity to share with the audience the amazing experiences guests have when taking a trip to the resort. We have the ability to encourage happy guests to share their experiences online and share their happiness with the activities they did and scenery they enjoyed. Snapchat is a great way to share these memories instantly and uniquely. Companies can use this platform to showcase their travel and people’s experiences through photos and short videos.


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